Nate Roskam is the Development Officer with Extreme Missions. He is the man behind Pedal to Plant, and we wanted to get a look from Nate into the why behind this campaign. 

Nate, what is your role with Extreme and how did you get involved?

My role at Extreme is the Development Officer. I lead the Development Office in all of our organizational funding initiatives, work with all of our Covenant Partners (our donors), oversee the training and equipping of the fundraising efforts of all our missionaries and staff, and oversee the continued expansion of our fundraising efforts.

My journey to Extreme started with an out-of-the-blue lunch with our CEO, Brian Tibbs, in January of 2015. For several years before this lunch, my wife and I had been seeking the Lord’s vision and direction knowing transition was coming. After numerous conversations, times of prayer and seeking wise counsel, it was evident this was the direction the Lord was leading us for this season.

So you are the idea man behind Pedal to Plant. Where did this idea come from?

We can blame the Lord for this one! Ideation is my #2 strength on the StrengthsFinders assessment, so with me there is never a shortage of ideas. And typically they can be rather grandiose with a subtle idealistic twist! The seeds were planted by my father’s desire to ride across the country, but when it first came to mind that wasn’t at the forefront. Honestly, it started as me thinking, “what are some alliterations with “p” that we could as fundraising campaigns. I also had the idea for “Play to Plant”, a partnership leveraging relationships with Nazarene University athletic teams who would raise funds throughout their season for a church plant and then go on a mission trip to visit and work with that church. Pedal to Plant got more initial momentum, so that was the direction we went. I’ve got a few more… but we’re going to leave them bottled up for a bit.

Where does the vision of Extreme Nazarene collide with the vision of Pedal to Plant? I mean really, what does biking have to do with missions?

Awareness. Friends. Funds. While I’m not an avid biker, I have a bike with clip in bindings and some sick shoes, so I’m one level up from a poser. But I know a lot of riders, I’m friends with a couple who own a local bike shop, and my uncle works at a bike shop he runs as an income-generating business that also works with residents from the homeless shelter he is chaplain in.

Riding is socially engaging and typically draws individuals who have an innate desire to engage in the world in ways that are much larger than themselves. Combine that with an emerging generation, and really individuals from all generations, who are cause-oriented, and it makes perfect sense.

This ride provides individuals hardwired to engage in something bigger than themselves the opportunity to do something they love to do for a cause they can pour themselves into. From the ground-swell of support and interest we already have, we truly believe this is going to be an epic adventure that helps us realize our goals of raising awareness, friends, and funds!

What do you think is powerful about doing a cross-country bike tour?

It’s not for the faint of heart; a statement that is equally true for international church planting! The idea of traveling across the country with individuals on bicycles, staying in homes, hosting rallies at churches and with youth groups, praying with those in need, seeing God’s magnificent creation unfold in front of your handlebars, and experiencing the genuine sense of community from coast to coast is not only powerful, it is reviving.

We believe this tour can not only raise funds for Extreme, but it can be a means of revival for those we meet along the way. And that, in turn, is powerful.

Any final thoughts you want to share?

It’s humbling to think about leading an vision of this scale, that God would trust this idea to our team. And yet, we simply step forward in radical obedience know that He who calls is faithful. We desire to inspire individuals from coast to coast to take a radical step toward Jesus in their own faith journey.
And for ALL of this, we ask for prayers and partnership.

We’ll see you on the road!!