On the Pedal to Plant Tour, Extreme will be journeying across OR, ID, MT, WY, CO, KS, MO, IL, KY, and VA. That’s ten states we will be passing through, and more than 4,200 miles!

Along the way, the Extreme team will be stopping to meet with individuals and groups. Churches will also play a vital role in Pedal to Plant, and here’s how:

  1. Rally Services

Each Wednesday evening and Sunday morning, our plan is to stop at a church that is located along the route to hold a special rally/church service. This rally will include elements like worship music, prayer, a message or short devotional, information about Pedal to Plant, and an invitation to partner with Extreme Missions in the Pedal to Plant Campaign. The team will come equipped and ready with everything needed to facilitate a worship gathering, including multimedia, presenters, and pretty much everything else we will need! Beyond this basic outline, we can incorporate into the service anything the church would like based on your needs, such as additional prayer for the community, prayer for church members physical and spiritual needs, a revival-type service, etc. The Pedal to Plant team would like to partner with your church and be a blessing in your community as they pass through town, and this service can be adapted in order to meet that goal!

  1. Hosting

The riders and team will be on the road for about twelve weeks. We are looking for churches and individuals to host them along the journey. This may mean lending us your parking lot to camp in, or better yet, having the church open its doors to let us stay inside. If there are individuals and families in the church who could open their homes, the riders would love to have a real bed to sleep in (and a hot shower)! Additionally, we will be looking for a safe place to lock the bikes at night.

Another way your church can show the team hospitality is by preparing a meal for the riders and volunteers. The riders will definitely be hungry from their long days, and it could even be a wonderful blessing for your church to have an all-church meal to celebrate the journey with us!

  1. Other

Pedal to Plant is a versatile way to make a mark in your church or community. We want churches to be able to use the publicity created by Pedal to Plant to benefit the ministry of their local church within their community. There are so many ways to do this! The important thing for the Pedal to Plant team is that you think through the realities and needs of your local community, and allow us to partner with you in making an impact.

  • Write an article for the town newspaper to create interest in your church.  
  • Plan a community outreach event such as collecting used bikes, fixing them up, and giving them to people in need.
  • Publicize a special service that will focus on prayer for individuals’ needs and even healing.
  • Children or youth bike race through the town.
  • Service projects
  • Other sports

Other ideas for how your church can partner financially with Pedal to Plant as we seek to raise the funds to plant six churches in 2018 around the globe:

  • Fundraiser meal: have a Spaghetti Night or other meal, where the proceeds will be donated to Pedal to Plant
  • Special offering in a service
  • Send a rider on the route, and pledge as a church per mile traveled by your rider

Don’t forget that we are also seeking riders and volunteers.  Riders will either ride the entire length of the journey, ride a segment of it (leg rider), or ride from home (shadow rider).  Volunteers will be support staff traveling with the riders, or working from home to rally their church.

For more information, visit www.pedaltoplant.org.