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My wife and I live and I still work in Vancouver, Washington. I have been cycling for about 10 years and on my longer rides would think about tackling a cross country bike ride some day. But I always believed it would be best to ride for a cause bigger than my own sense of accomplishment. My son Nathan Roskam, Extreme’s Development Director, and I had some conversations about the Trans America Bicycle Route and a potential fundraiser for Extreme. Extreme’s model of commissioning young people for short term missionary impact is exciting. Then to release their planted church to the local population to minister has proven to be effective in spreading the gospel. I am excited to see what God can accomplish for His work, through a group of riders when they commit their efforts to Him in a task “Far beyond what one could think or imagine” Mike & Sherrill Roskam
The thought of riding over 4,300 miles across this great country has always had great appeal to me. As a cyclist of over 10 years and lover of the outdoors this was a dream. But many of us dream and do not act. Then we look back at our life and say something like, “If only I had….” You can fill in your blank.

Partnering with Extreme and the PTP 2017 is exciting at number of many levels. But for me there is great comfort and security in knowing that God has asked us to trust Him and He can accomplish more than I can think or imagine. My goals for this adventure are lofty:

  1. Help raise over $600,000 for Extreme’s church plants in 2018.
  2. My personal goal is to raise funds for one plant or $100,000.
  3. Ride 4,300 miles starting with a rear tire in the Pacific Ocean and end with the front tire in the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. Energize dozens of churches and hundreds if not thousands of Christians about Extreme and the message of salvation to the world.
  5. When finished in late August 2017 being able to look back and acknowledge that it was only with God’s help we accomplished what we did.
  6. Produce a 2018 Extreme PTP calendar for sale for additional church plant money.
  7. Write a book (with great helpers) about all the great “What God did in my life” stories we hear as we interact with people across the country.

Join with us if you “Dream Big”