My wife and I live and I still work in Vancouver, Washington. I have been cycling for about 10 years and on my longer rides would think about tackling a cross country bike ride some day. But I always believed it would be best to ride for a cause bigger than my own sense of accomplishment. My son Nathan Roskam, Extreme’s Development Director, and I had some conversations about the Trans America Bicycle Route and a potential fundraiser for Extreme. Extreme’s model of commissioning young people for short term missionary impact is exciting. Then to release their planted church to the local population to minister has proven to be effective in spreading the gospel. I am excited to see what God can accomplish for His work, through a group of riders when they commit their efforts to Him in a task “Far beyond what one could think or imagine” Mike & Sherrill Roskam

On December 9, Nathan Roskam & I shared in an awesome phone interview with Dr. Lori Salierno-Maldonado. Dr. Lori heads up an incredible ministry out of Georgia called Teach1Lead 1. They mentor students in the public schools with principles from the Beatitudes in Scripture.

Lori rode SOLO from Oregon to Georgia in 2012 on a self- directed route. She almost daily had to adjust for hills, winds, getting lost and speaking schedules. She mostly rode alone and tried for 100 miles per day. The 3,284 miles was done in 46 days with Saturdays to rest and Sundays to speak. She was in her 50s at the time. She trained 6-8 weeks prior and took about 2 weeks for her body to adapt to the routine of daily riding.

She rode to raise awareness and money for Teach1Lead1. She raised $186,000 across the country. Lori was constantly asked “what are you doing and why are you doing it?’ She shared a story of a one on one visit with a young abuse victim who asked why? Lori told her it was for children like her who needed help. The girl hugged Lori and cried as did dad. The director of the home told Lori, “ I don’t know if your message will ring loud across the country, but you changed that little girl’s life today.”

Her greatest unknowns and fears were several: Can I do it? Will people respond to my message? There was also pressure of knowing people had pledged money to support her. And logistically, being sure to eat and drink properly to maintain body strength.

As she rode she used the riding time for prayer intercession for requests that were sent to her. She also felt she gained an understanding in some sense of what it means to “be poured out as a drink offering” for the Lord and his work. She also gained confidence in herself that she can take on big dreams. She also spoke to the amazing people she met along the ride and their pride in America and that Lori was trying to do something good for the country.

And get this, she made the entire trip on one set of Gatorskin tires, NO FLATS!

Is God asking you to trust Him beyond the normal routine of life? Pray fully consider joining Pedal to Plant 2017 in our TransAmerica bike ride.