“My wife and I live and I still work in Vancouver, Washington. I have been cycling for about 10 years and on my longer rides would think about tackling a cross country bike ride some day. But I always believed it would be best to ride for a cause bigger than my own sense of accomplishment. My son Nathan Roskam, Extreme’s Development Director, and I had some conversations about the Trans America Bicycle Route and a potential fundraiser for Extreme. Extreme’s model of commissioning young people for short term missionary impact is exciting. Then to release their planted church to the local population to minister has proven to be effective in spreading the gospel. I am excited to see what God can accomplish for His work, through a group of riders when they commit their efforts to Him in a task “Far beyond what one could think or imagine” Mike & Sherrill Roskam

As I prepare mentally and physically to the PTP 2017 Trans America bike ride it can at times be daunting. Certainly the physical component is a huge. My preparations have begun even now with training rides of increasing length each month. It is interesting that you can actually go farther than your legs think they can. For me a have found one can press through the initial pain message you get. One habit I found works for me is to take on food each hour I am riding. Oranges and bite size snickers bars seem to really give me a physical boost.

But the mental preparation may even be more important. Yogi Berra, baseball player–not cartoon character–once said, “90% of baseball is half mental”. Wrap your mind around that for a minute or two. I have been working on my mental discipline for quite some time by committing to certain courses of action or inaction. Primarily to teach myself I can do what I set my mind to do. One year, I gave up donuts, the next year ice cream, the following year, chips and finally in 2016 I said no desserts after 5 PM. So far I am into December and I have stayed the course even through Thanksgiving.

My longer bike rides of 50-60 miles do require me to stay focused on today’s goal. That mental discipline will be much needed as we climb the mountain grades. (Only to descend the other side)

Join us at Extreme to do something way beyond the routine. God will help us as we rely on his strength and yours and mine availability.