“My wife and I live and I still work in Vancouver, Washington. I have been cycling for about 10 years and on my longer rides would think about tackling a cross country bike ride some day. But I always believed it would be best to ride for a cause bigger than my own sense of accomplishment. My son Nathan Roskam, Extreme’s Development Director, and I had some conversations about the Trans America Bicycle Route and a potential fundraiser for Extreme. Extreme’s model of commissioning young people for short term missionary impact is exciting. Then to release their planted church to the local population to minister has proven to be effective in spreading the gospel. I am excited to see what God can accomplish for His work, through a group of riders when they commit their efforts to Him in a task “Far beyond what one could think or imagine” Mike & Sherrill Roskam

As I prepare for this summer’s adventure a number of questions have been raised, some by others excited about the ride and other thoughts brought on by wandering thoughts as I train on my new Norco bike. The following link I found on the web and may provide some answers. Or perhaps raises more questions. http://www.biketouring.net/rides/xcountry/faq.html

I do not think a week goes by that someone asks me about the ride, my preparation and often I hear the “What an awesome adventure, I wish I could ride with you.” For many reasons some cannot take the time or commit to ninety days of pedaling. But for the committed riders we must reflect on the great privilege and adventure that we will soon be a part of. I am certainly thankful for the opportunity and perhaps a little nervous about the physical challenge, wondering how my fund raising will go but knowing this journey is “far beyond what I can think or imagine” and the Lord will empower.

I am upping my ride frequency and mileage as the weather in Washington improves and the days get longer. My personal goal is daily 30 mile rides before or after work with a longer weekend ride about the time of the switch to Pacific Daylight Time. (Sunday March 12, 2017) I am focusing on really riding through the discomfort you experience in the legs and of course your seat. Cushioned bike shorts help a lot as did the seat switch out from my old bike which had a softer seat. Our 61 miles per day average is between 4-5 hours of riding a day. Break for lunch and a nap and it seems very doable.
101 days and counting down.