As of this writing, we are 44 days from the start of our journey across the USA. When this conversation started it was next year, then a few months and now it is upon us.

I have gotten real serious with my training regime. My fear was not the longer rides but the riding every day. So with the better weather I am riding daily and for April have a 200 mile per week goal, and I am hitting the mark. In the month of May, it will be 300 miles per week. I am still working as well so it makes for full days.

Some things I think you should consider:

  1. Get you training time in that works for you and your life situation. Get outside and find some hills to climb, wind to pedal into and rain to deal with.
  2. Make sure your bike fits you and you are getting comfortable on it. I tried a new seat and loved it. I also went to dropped handlebars which I like. But it was an adjustment for my back the 1st couple weeks.
  3. Learn what your body needs. Nourishment on long rides is critical as is hydration. Get the rest you need nightly. How about naps?
  4. I am learning to power thru the sore legs and butt. But you should also be alert to an injury verses just conditioning or lack of.
  5. Begin to prepare your equipment need list. Tires, tubes, good riding gear, helmets, gloves, etc.

I am going to use Schwalbe Ultra Marathon tires, recommended by my Wheels Deals Bike Shop sponsor. We all hate flat tires, don’t we?!

  1. Remember, when we are traveling we may average 13-15 miles per hour depending on elevation gains or losses. For our 61 mile average day that is 4-5 hours per day of riding. If you figure a lunch break, that is not a bad pace at all. Be encouraged.
  2. Don’t miss the things God brings our way as you ride. Yesterday I watched a great blue heron feast on his breakfast, frog. My wife suggested I ask the heron if it really did taste like chicken. I have seen sand hill cranes migrating, eagles in flight, osprey nesting, ships traveling up river, and the list goes on. Our world is an amazing creation.
  3. I think you can maintain a prayerful spirit as you ride, being open to praying for others, safety, and our mission. I have had potential donors come to mind while riding.

And finally, we won’t do the full ride all at once. We will take it one day at a time, maybe an hour at a time or perhaps just this hill.

Your traveling partner,

Mike Roskam