Bison and mountains and snow angels, Oh my! Above is a picture of the team as they walked three miles behind a large group of bison. This is a common occurrence in Yellowstone National Park and was a memorable moment for the team. Being on a bicycle allowed us to experience the “Yellow-stone” road in a way far more enjoyable than being behind, no joke, a line of 300 cars. We are learning to revel in the small gifts we have and to appreciate God’s creation first hand.

Welcome to Wyoming!

With just a click of red cycling shoes, the team has traveled through week 4! We started off with a restful Sabbath morning in Dillon, MT. Ben Kuhn brought the Word for our group, challenging us live into God’s more-complete perspective. Using cycling terms, Ben pointed out that you never know when your headwind is someone else’s tailwind. So we have to trust that God is directing the Spirit to fulfill His will!

Sometimes we see paths that are beautiful and exciting, but we must pass by them. We must go on from that which is good, to that which is great. On Monday, the team powered through 72 miles, climbed 2000ft, and landed in Ennis, MT. We are dedicated to going the extra mile to bring about Kingdom work. We swapped some new friends, Alex and Peter, this week for two of our members, Shannon Seward and Ed Krantz. Shannon headed out for General Assembly as an NYI delegate and Ed left for work.

Tuesday we made the 68-mile ascent into West Yellowstone. Peter jumped on a bike for the first 35 miles and made it through perhaps the hardest headwinds yet. The 25 mph winds, intermittent rains, and hot temperature made for a gnarly ride! Meanwhile in Indianapolis… the Extreme Nazarene booth was setup and is rolling through General Assembly! People can jump on a stationary bike and power a globe that rotates on the roof of the booth, alongside the Pedal to Plant team! Every mile raises $10 for the cause of Pedal to Plant, funded by a local church organization.

Wednesday we rode from Ennis, through Yellowstone National Park, to Lewis Lake. We were welcomed to Wyoming by a 3-mile walk behind 40 bison, a stop by Old Faithful, and a summit of 8262ft. This may have been one of our favorite rides yet. made today one of our favorites yet! The team, small but mighty this ride, flew through 61 miles of this beautiful part of America.

Thursday brought us some wrinkles that were quickly ironed out. Our ride from Lewis Lake to Hatchet Campground was 57 miles but ended in a shuttle ride back to Colter Bay. While the cyclists sped down past the Grand Tetons, the support crew drove ahead to our campground. The crew discovered that the campgrounds had been filled, and so had to return to Colter Bay for another evening. The cyclists were shuttled back to camp by the ever-helpful support crew.

Friday the team went up Togwotee Pass down to Dubois, a hefty 18-mile uphill rewarded with a 42-mile descent, and graciously were ushered into St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

The week wrapped up in Kenner at Sunnyside Church of the Nazarene. With one service in the morning and two in the evening, this weekend was packed with fellowship and Nazarene casseroles! Up to this point, the team has completed 1554 miles, and are steadily gaining experience and confidence in the saddle of the bike. We are on the up and up, and looking forward to this next week. Every day we get opportunities to communicate better with each other and learn how to work for something more important than any of ourselves.

Churches Visited So Far:

  • Liberty Bible of Barberton, WA
  • Hilltop Church of Astoria, OR
  • Tillamook Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Lincoln City Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Church on the Hill of McMinnville, OR
  • Eugene Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Sisters Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Mission Church of Bend, OR
  • John Day Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Baker City Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • McCall Church of the Nazarene, ID
  • Grangeville Church of the Nazarene, ID
  • Missoula First Church of the Nazarene, MT
  • Bitterroot Valley Church of the Nazarene, MT
  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church, WY
  • Sunnyside Church of the Nazarene, WY
  • Riverton Church of the Nazarene, WY

While we feel like we should be in Kansas already, we are thankful for the ability to take this trip one day at a time. Check back soon with us to follow our pedaling journey across the country! If you’d like more instant updates on where we are, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will regularly post our status and location!

Pedal to Plant is an extraordinary endeavor biking 4,200 miles to raise $600,000 for 6 church plants overseas next year. Will you partner with us to make that dream a reality?