The group made it to the tallest peak on the TransAmerica Bike Route, Hoosier Pass, elevation 11,539 feet! Just about a month ago they were grinding it out to get over Santiam Pass, which was just under 5,000 feet. Since then, they have climbed over 76,000 feet (obviously losing some elevation in the process!)
Starting on the West Coast means hitting the hardest climbing, longest deserted stretches, and fewest opportunities for fellowship and connection with people. It’s just hard! For Extreme, the initial 100 days of a church plant are EXACTLY that, HARD!An Extreme church plant team is made up of a group of around 14 people; 5 young adults from the U.S., 5 young adults from South America, a Team Support Couple from the U.S. and a national Pastor and Pastora (Pastor’s wife).This team of church planters comes together much in the same way as this Pedal to Plant team… with significant training together they are able to accomplish much more than they ever could on their own!

Meanwhile, Back on the Trail

The Pedal to Plant team had some incredibly encouraging milestones over the past 7 days. The first took place on Monday in Jeffry City, Wyoming. This small church, on first appearances looking abandoned, revealed a basement cherished by cyclists from as early as 2006. This gym-like basement, with adjoining bathroom and kitchen facilities, was covered in signatures from riders from all around the world. Story after story of transformed lives and adventurous souls expressed their gratitude at the generosity of the church. We left our mark along the wall with joy in our hearts as we looked ahead toward the coming days.
Five riders—Elijah, Luke, Korte, Shawn, and Shannon—biked 100 miles in a single day!

Five riders—Elijah, Luke, Korte, Shawn, and Shannon—biked 100 miles in a single day!

Wednesday was the second milestone for five of our riders: meet the Pedal to Plant “Century Club”. This group of “over-achievers” didn’t think simply riding 6 days a week for a total of 4,200 miles was enough to brag about. SO…. They decided to go for it and ride 100 miles in ONE DAY! Congrats to this awesome crew! And HUGE shout out to Elijah Brown (grandson of Gene Schandorff) who started Pedal to Plant with the intention of riding to McCall, Idaho and heading home, only to add on 3 more weeks, and log a total of 1,978 miles (nearly half way)!
The team was encouraged by the spontaneous movement of the Spirit at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Granby Colorado. The church blessed Pedal to Plant with a space to stay and financially gave of their abundance to sow into our mission. Father Mark, the priest of the church, warmly said that “we have been blessed to bless others!” We were humbled by their example of generosity and given a glimpse into the ecumenical beauty that is God’s kingdom coming together here on earth.

Your prayers, encouragement, and support have helped YOUR Pedal to Plant team make it past Hoosier Pass. As they continue to pedal toward their goal of dipping their front tires in the Atlantic Ocean, we would ask that you considering financially supporting this cause, rewarding their efforts of riding over 4,200 miles (and climbing over 76,000 feet of elevation) to raise awareness, friends, and funds to plant 6 churches in 2018!

Click the link below to for a weekly recap video as told from one of our full-riders (and Pedal to Plant Social Media/Messaging Intern) Korte Zickefoose!

Churches Visited So Far:

  • Liberty Bible of Barberton, WA
  • Hilltop Church of Astoria, OR
  • Tillamook Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Lincoln City Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Church on the Hill of McMinnville, OR
  • Eugene Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Sisters Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Mission Church of Bend, OR
  • John Day Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Baker City Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • McCall Church of the Nazarene, ID
  • Grangeville Church of the Nazarene, ID
  • Missoula First Church of the Nazarene, MT
  • Bitterroot Valley Church of the Nazarene, MT
  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Dubois, WY
  • Sunnyside Church of the Nazarene, Kinnear, WY
  • Riverton Church of the Nazarene, WY
  • Jeffrey City Community Church, WY
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Rawlins, WY
  • St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Granby, CO
  • High Country Church of the Nazarene, Buena Vista, CO

Check back soon with us to follow our pedaling journey across the country! If you’d like more instant updates on where we are, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will regularly post our status and location!

Pedal to Plant is an extraordinary endeavor biking 4,200 miles to raise $600,000 for 6 church plants overseas next year. Will you partner with us to make that dream a reality?