A lightning storm lights up the sky in Eads, Colorado, caused by strong updrafts in the wind and shifting temperature of the air. Wind and storms affect our riders in similar ways to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Some days the tailwinds push them forward, propelling them to do more in a day than they could do on their own. Sometimes there is a headwind, which can be a humble reminder to celebrate the tailwinds in the lives of other people. The Wind can be refreshing on a hot day, and make even 100-degree heat tolerable. This is a powerful analogy for us of the spiritual warfare that can often feel like a thunderstorm in our lives.

In the Midst of Lightning

We began the week with fresh leg riders on Monday morning, meeting in Hartsel to head 57 miles to Cañon City. Shane, from Pueblo, wife Maila support-crew family joined us for the day. Kristin rode for the week, and Nicole, Mike Roskam’s daughter, embarked on her three-week trek with the team. The blue skies in the morning concealed the storm clouds coming in the afternoon. Right as we wrapped up lunch, pelting rain pounded on our riders. Heavy winds blew the cyclists dangerously close to oncoming traffic. Thankfully, we had support vehicles stick with the team until the worst had passed. Monday was definitely our worst, wet-weather day on the trip thus far.


The clouds were kept at bay on Tuesday for the Fourth of July. Our team split into two groups as we headed to Pueblo West. The first group left at sunrise to cycle into Pueblo to participate in a 30,000-person water parade, the largest one this side of the Mississippi! What a refreshing way to cool off after a long day of riding! The second group wound around the TransAmerica Trail along with leg rider, Grant. He is a math teacher in the area and was able to cycle with us for 11 miles. Every bit counts and we loved having him on the road with us for the time he could spare. Shane and Malia graciously opened up their home and housed the entire crew!


We broke camp Wednesday morning, leaving early from Living Water Fellowship to beat the heat. The trek from Pueblo to La Junta was 65 miles in 100-degree heat! Apparently, it is common in Kansas to have a park with a “splash pad,” a small group of fountains, to cool kids off in the summer heat. Praise the Lord for city planners. We were wishing for some rain clouds around midday, but the splash pad was good enough!

It is not every day you get to swap hymns for warm showers at the assisted living home in Eads. Over a series of phone calls, a normal Thursday developed into an all-around, meaningful exchange. As the residents enjoyed their tater tot casserole, we were able to bring back memories from days gone by. Shannon, Luke, and Kristin sang hymns as other members of our team listened to the lives of these elderly folk. Everyone on the team would agree that it was a special encounter that was blessed and orchestrated by God.
We officially touched rubber to pavement in our sixth state this Friday when we rolled into Tribune, Kansas, 58 miles from Eads. Friday was hot, all day, but the evening rolled in with storm clouds that covered the sky in a sheet of black. Lightning accompanied the blackness in a powerful display of the earth’s Created beauty. Rain and wind gently rocked our trailers, giving us plenty of opportunities to count our blessings, instead of sheep!
The final ride for the week, and last ride for Kristin, was from Tribune to Dighton. The team cut across the Kansas plains at a quick clip of 20 miles an hour, experiencing what tailwinds on flat land can do for a cyclist. Some of our riders skipped lunch to end the ride in just under 3 and a half hours. The support crew shuttled the team to Garden City from Dighton, where the cyclists will pick up again for week 7!
With many-a-casserole, Garden City Church of the Nazarene welcomed the team for the weekend. The Spirit was moving in the sanctuary as the band, Breath by Breath, played and Gene Schandorff brought the Word. On the whole, the week was full of crazy weather, blessed encounters, and memorable moments. We love sharing what God is doing on this journey, and would love to have you partner with us in some capacity! Contact us on social media or shoot us an email if you are interested in going on, giving to, or praying for this trip!

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As told by Shawn White, one of our full-riders, and bass guitarist for the Pedal to Plant band.



Church Count: 23 and Churches Visited this Week are in Bold

  • Liberty Bible of Barberton, WA
  • Hilltop Church of Astoria, OR
  • Tillamook Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Lincoln City Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Church on the Hill of McMinnville, OR
  • Eugene Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Sisters Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Mission Church of Bend, OR
  • John Day Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • Baker City Church of the Nazarene, OR
  • McCall Church of the Nazarene, ID
  • Grangeville Church of the Nazarene, ID
  • Missoula First Church of the Nazarene, MT
  • Bitterroot Valley Church of the Nazarene, MT
  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Dubois, WY
  • Sunnyside Church of the Nazarene, Kinnear, WY
  • Riverton Church of the Nazarene, WY
  • Jeffrey City Community Church, WY
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Rawlins, WY
  • St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Granby, CO
  • High Country Church of the Nazarene, Buena Vista, CO
  • Lincoln Park Church of the Nazarene, CO
  • Garden City Church of the Nazarene, KS

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