About Pedal to Plant

Pedal to Plant was born from the story of a father’s love and support for his son, his son’s dream of “pedaling” across country, and his passion to be a part of Kingdom work. Emerging from an anecdotal beginning, the vision of Pedal to Plant has rapidly grown to be a vehicle that has the capacity to produce tremendous fruit in the form of awareness, support and funds.

Beginning in Astoria, Oregon, the journey will cut across the United States, picking up with the historic Trans-America Route famously charted in the late 1970s, and ending in Yorktown, Virginia. This isn’t a “fundraising scheme”–the primary emphasis for this journey is face-to-face connection with donors and potential donors, church partners and churches who have potential to partner.

Pedal to Plant is a journey. It is a journey where Extreme says (and literally does) “we are coming to you!” and “we are riding our bikes to you!” It is about SO much more than raising funds–we are raising friends!

In the middle of this trip, Extreme will be promoting at the 2017 General Assembly (June 21-25)! Participants at General Assembly will be able to hop on stationary bikes in the exhibit hall and count their miles toward the Pedal to Plant total as well, as a way to include more people in this journey.  

Extreme Nazarene Missions: The why behind the organization

Extreme is a non-profit missions organization with a vision to change hearts and change the world. We believe when individuals experience heart change, lives are in turn transformed. Addictions are broken, ruined relationships are restored, sins are forgiven, hope is reborn. When lives are transformed, communities are transformed. Families are reconciled, societies are rebuilt, and corrupt systems are redeemed.

Our primary vehicle for heart change is planting new churches in urban centers. Urban ministry and outreach is difficult. It requires a heavy investment of relational capital. Heart change is the result of relational, intentional disciple-making over time. And over time, our vision is to plant vibrant and sustainable faith communities with a DNA to reproduce disciples and churches.

How it works

Our church plant teams are 14 people strong (a group we call a Cluster), 10 of those being between the ages of 18-29, the generation tagged as the group leaving the church. We are sending them. With those 10 we send a married couple (sometimes with kids) to be what we call Cluster Support. They mentor, oversee and provide extensive support for our young adult missionaries. Also forming part of this team is a pastoral family, who lead and guide the ministry of the team.

Our teams launch for 2 years, a stretch of time affording us the opportunity to do extensive evangelistic works in the city, journey with dozens of individuals on their journey of becoming disciples of Jesus, training leaders who will in turn make disciples, establishing an organized faith community, build a building and facilitate healthy growth to around 100-150.

Our model of a team of 14 (focusing on sending 18-29 year olds) working with a pastoral family for 2 years has proven effective in realizing our mission to change hearts and change the world. Our vision then, is by 2020 to be planting 12 churches each year. 144 missionaries. 12 buildings. 50+ short term teams. Thousands saved and baptized. Disciples making disciples. Leaders trained. The Kingdom Grown.

An investment in Extreme, is an investment with exponential return. We plant churches that plant churches. We plant churches that make disciples who make disciples.


Extreme is a non-profit organization, therefore fundraising is a critical part of the health and vitality of the organization. Every Team Member in Extreme is self-funded, meaning a part of their job is raising their own support. The Development office for Extreme is responsible for raising funds to support the work of our mission as an organization, the planting of churches.

Extreme utilizes intentional relationships with donors and churches, what we call Covenant Partnerships. These Covenant Partnerships (CPs) are designed to initiate, engage and sustain relationships with donors over time in ways that are mutually beneficial and based on what we call value exchange. In the same way that we receive value in the form of donor resources (time, talent, treasure) our desire is for our Covenant Partners to receive value from their partnership with Extreme.

For more information on riding, giving, or connecting with us during the journey, contact us here.