Covenant Partners

Those who give, we call Covenant Partners. Our Covenant Partners plant churches. As we pursue our radical vision to plant 6 church in 2018, we need radical faith and support from current and new Covenant Partners. 

Here is our goal

Raise funds

Raise awareness:

We will be seeking to raise $600,000, which is the amount needed for our 6 church plants scheduled to launch in 2018.
Funds will be raised through:
-donor visits
-church event/rally offerings
-church partnerships
-trip sponsors, including individuals and organizations

While the funds are important, we also want to share the story of what God is doing through Extreme. We want every Nazarene (and thousands of non-Nazarenes) to know these things: Extreme is a church planting organization. Extreme sends young adult missionaries. Extreme exists to Change Hearts, and Change the World.

For more information on having our team stop at your house/town, contact us here.